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irene by NewDawnAugust irene :iconnewdawnaugust:NewDawnAugust 0 0 presha by NewDawnAugust presha :iconnewdawnaugust:NewDawnAugust 0 0
he climbed a bridge, bought
a gun, kicked a stool, and now
he's laughing at you
:iconnewdawnaugust:NewDawnAugust 0 0
Mature content
iliac crest :iconnewdawnaugust:NewDawnAugust 1 0
you cried oceans with him and he
stripped to his boxer-briefs
and swam
the first time you touch
everytime his skin, his arms have gone over
his head and you run your hands
up up up under his shirt
he's got skinny legs and
skinny bones and he's all
wire inside that you cut for the copper
and now nobody's got any power
you criminal criminal you
with the gun between your kne
es and your pinkies in each others
his hair still has
your fingerprints in it
:iconnewdawnaugust:NewDawnAugust 6 0
uncle john by NewDawnAugust uncle john :iconnewdawnaugust:NewDawnAugust 2 1 for emma by NewDawnAugust for emma :iconnewdawnaugust:NewDawnAugust 2 2 dead horses by NewDawnAugust dead horses :iconnewdawnaugust:NewDawnAugust 0 0 carnival by NewDawnAugust carnival :iconnewdawnaugust:NewDawnAugust 2 0 bette by NewDawnAugust bette :iconnewdawnaugust:NewDawnAugust 1 0
you've me anxious
this is about
beauty and how
to measure it
i measure beauty
on a scale from one
to you
i measure beauty with
low numbers beneath your feet,
needles that sway low like
grass above the ocean
i measure beauty in
breaths per second, how fast can you
inflate yourself, how fast can you become
breathless with air and how fast can
you lose yourself because
i know how fast i can
lose you
i measure beauty by
the ridges under your skin,
at the bottom of your neck and the
way the dip in your back blooms seashell thin when you
reach down to your toes, i measure beauty in
how far i slow when your ribs stretch
your skin pale and fragile and my fingers
bump awkwardly down your sides,
slow down, slow down, i've got you
baby, i've got you

this is about
my self and how
to measure it and
i measure self
on a scale from me
to you
:iconnewdawnaugust:NewDawnAugust 3 4
you can lick your el
bow, do impossible things.
please try to love me
:iconnewdawnaugust:NewDawnAugust 2 0
murphy's law by NewDawnAugust murphy's law :iconnewdawnaugust:NewDawnAugust 2 0 mama's boy by NewDawnAugust mama's boy :iconnewdawnaugust:NewDawnAugust 5 2 lace by NewDawnAugust lace :iconnewdawnaugust:NewDawnAugust 1 2 dirty clothes by NewDawnAugust dirty clothes :iconnewdawnaugust:NewDawnAugust 7 3


SPG Robot Dogs! by Camilleonn SPG Robot Dogs! :iconcamilleonn:Camilleonn 48 7
Incantations and Deductions SH
Obviously it took years for them to ever get around to speaking to each other. Sherlock reasoned that it was natural: as well as being in different, some might even say rival, houses, there was also the social class divide and the fact that Sherlock always gave off the general air of someone who never wanted to talk to anyone, in his life, ever. As a general rule Sherlock felt that unless someone was directly benefitting him by being alive in his presence he would do his best to tolerate them, but if not they could bloody well bugger off and do their dull living /breathing /sleeping /eating /talking /having fun business  somewhere else.
His mother said it was just his age, that teenage years were awkward, his anti social nature was a phase he was going through. Sherlock rather suspected that it wasn't so much his age as his life. And he wasn't awkward, he was perfectly poised. It was the rest of the world that was awkward and unpredictable and usually mundane but occasionally
:iconhbomb90:hbomb90 877 359
Cooper is twelve years old and a treasure in his tennis whites, and I am unremarkable, eleven, blurred at the edges like some uncertain shoreline.  He only speaks to me because he sees Coach Drown's hands linger too long on my hips when he's teaching me topspins.  We're pairing up, Cooper declares, claiming me from across the court with the wide end of his racquet.  He spends the rest of practice serving straight down the line, aiming to concuss.  Cooper Corentin plays tennis like we're in trenches.  Come on, kid, fight back, he says.  If I were a fucking truck, would you just stand there on the dotted line?
Coach Drown is a truck.  Every Thursday afternoon, he rakes me over for roadkill, and I lie there bisected below him with the taste of gravel in my throat.  I should be used to it by now, but sometimes he still catches me full in the nerves like headlights.  I'm practicing my backhand these da
:iconfreudenschade:freudenschade 318 54
Crawl Away by axcy Crawl Away :iconaxcy:axcy 1,053 52 The Prince's Tale - Animation by RandomMumble The Prince's Tale - Animation :iconrandommumble:RandomMumble 5,473 3,514 DeviantArt Point Calculator by charfade DeviantArt Point Calculator :iconcharfade:charfade 18,413 1,680 The Bath by Gerry-And-Me The Bath :icongerry-and-me:Gerry-And-Me 273 28 pigeons of the Yasin by fotoizzet pigeons of the Yasin :iconfotoizzet:fotoizzet 863 142 Prague Wenceslas Square No II by RaMiBru Prague Wenceslas Square No II :iconramibru:RaMiBru 1,727 118
clap if you believe
Even as a little girl, I was a budding pessimist.  Everything was half empty - not just glasses, but people, too.  I remember loving Peter Pan as a little girl.  Not the Disney version, but the play with Mary Martin as Pan.  Every time Tink drank the poison, I felt my heart clench, first because I wanted to find someone who'd die to save me, and second because I knew she'd die.  I never clapped for Tink because I didn't believe that the little flashing light from the audience had a soul, that the little bells had a heart.  Whoever I watched the movie with clapped though, and I'd pretend, never touching my hands together.  I thought that if I lied, she'd die right away and Peter would never sing about Neverland for me again.
That's how we met.  I'd bought a ticket to the college production of Peter Pan.  You played Pan.  You had that curly brown hair that looked like fistfuls of chocolate
:iconimperfectionistics:imperfectionistics 848 156
Rise by Julie-de-Waroquier Rise :iconjulie-de-waroquier:Julie-de-Waroquier 870 104 Hurry up, John by queenstardust Hurry up, John :iconqueenstardust:queenstardust 1,448 187 Young John + Sherlock by dauntingfire Young John + Sherlock :icondauntingfire:dauntingfire 2,646 145 Sherlock BBC + Harry Potter 1 by dauntingfire Sherlock BBC + Harry Potter 1 :icondauntingfire:dauntingfire 5,367 680 John Watson by AmandaTolleson John Watson :iconamandatolleson:AmandaTolleson 2,611 430


i am alive.

since my last journal entry, 2012 has arrived, my premium membership has run out, i've turned 15, i got a cat. her name is wendy. life is the same.

i am also moving my account to here for reasons.

or, i'll try to. it's very likely i'll come back here sometime and dick around.

plus i still i have to decide whether or not i'm going to transfer anything to the new account or if i'm just going to start over, so to speak.

my bets right now are on the latter.



United States
Shell of choice: murex pecten
Skin of choice: human
Favourite cartoon character: bambi.hobbes.eeyore.khan.pooh



Crawl Away by axcy Crawl Away :iconaxcy:axcy 1,053 52 pigeons of the Yasin by fotoizzet pigeons of the Yasin :iconfotoizzet:fotoizzet 863 142 You are safe with me by Lupinicious You are safe with me :iconlupinicious:Lupinicious 1,052 89 catch the stars by detail24 catch the stars :icondetail24:detail24 2,519 173 Solo by Sherimay Solo :iconsherimay:Sherimay 95 12 The field physician by Flip-Fox The field physician :iconflip-fox:Flip-Fox 2,232 278 Typo test - I love you by BeJay Typo test - I love you :iconbejay:BeJay 176 16 ...Please by Axel-Haudiquet ...Please :iconaxel-haudiquet:Axel-Haudiquet 530 31


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...oh my god. wow, thank you so, so much. i really appreciate it, you're so sweet, i love you <3
"important memories of unimportant things"
a;s;skfds that really stuck with me. thank you so much :hug:
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